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Our systems help you to improve your Healthcare service in following ways :

Using Qmatic Queue Management System

  • Create a systematic and comfortable environment for Customers
  • Create a user friendly and efficient working environment for Staff
  • Enable management to undertake on line monitoring of service levels     at each and every branch
  • Enable objective analysis of staff productivity to be undertaken
  • Ensure a stable, reliable and accurate database on all aspects of the     operations
  • Enable easy networking into existing systems
  • Create a networked system for online access and analysis from the Customers Service Department at HQ, and eventually the Head of Administration          (CEO)
  • Online monitoring of current situation
  • Accurate planning of utilization of assets and staff
  • Improvement to the workflow and procedures can be implemented.
  • Quality targets can be set and monitored such as maximum waiting or service time.
  • Planning and scheduling of Patients staff according to the needs of the work rate.
  • Objective analysis of staff productivity and performance can be derived.

Using Display Information System

  • Promote new products, special offers, and sales using in-store screens
  • Show product demonstrations and testimonials
  • Educate customers about loyalty programs (ideal for supermarkets and grocers)
  • Encourage shoppers to sign up for private-label and co-branded store credit cards
  • Reduce perceived waiting times by combining live TV with other engaging content
  • Deliver ads from suppliers or third-party advertisers on digital retail signage
  • Show maps of your store or mall near the entrance or lobby area
  • Draw customers through the door by placing a display in your store window (ideal for convenience stores)
  • Broadcast training videos, safety tips, and messages from management
  • Display emergency alert messages