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Qmatic Queue Management System

Video wall displays are getting popular in places such as stadiums, airports, shopping malls, exhibitions, staging and other areas where space are not a limitation and a high viewership is expected.

Video walls are eye catching and command a lot of attention due to its size and dynamic content. It is a perfect way to bring across your messages to a large audience in an open arena. 

Matrix features designed to resist image sticking and extend display life:

  • Commercial panel operates at lower temps and with less power
  • Temperature sensing capabilities in the panel
  • Off-board electronics reduces heat load on the LCD up to 20%
  • Rack mounted quad controller and power supply design reduces heat and allows for Efficient cooling
  • Redundant power supply option ensures interrupted operation
  • Open frame design facilitates optimal air flow and ventilation
  • On/off scheduling and auto screen saver
  • Built using high MTBF components