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Qmatic Queue Management System or Token System

Qmatic Queue Management System

Qmatic Queue Management System is all about managing your flow from the point customer enter and until finishing their transaction. We can make a real difference in the way your customers wait and ensure about to improve your customer service & business productivity. The level of service and efficiency has increased with the use of Qmatic Queue Management System, resulting in an increased customer satisfaction.

The Qmatic Queue Management system solution priority for all service oriented organizations in ensuring the first class services to their valuable and respectable customers. Several industries like banking, airlines, government services divisions, hospital, clinics, insurance companies, restaurants, hotels, retail and any others front counters services industry have been fast deploying Qmatic Queue Management system solutions for the customer services enhancement.

We provide most advanced Qmatic Queue Management system in the world, constantly upgrade to meet future demand of the customer.

Using Qmatic Queue Management System

We will help you to increase your sales, productivity, and reduce costing. CFMS will assure for customers to reach on right desk to serve by right staff.

Queue System will help your organization to reduce customer waiting time and make better customer transaction.

Queue System will generate data about your customer behave & how staff has serves them. It will help you to improve your customer flow & business standard.

To Management at Branch Level and HQ:

  • Improved image of your service.
  • Online monitoring of current situation>
  • Enhance sales through effective dissemination of product information
  • Accurate data availability through user-friendly information
  • Better human resource/asset planning and management based upon accurate data available online at all times
  • Online monitoring and tracking from HQ
  • Improved productivity

To Operational Staff:

  • Less stress caused by better work flow
  • Less prone to errors with friendly customers
  • Alarms can be activated for Officers attention
  • Indication of wait time and number of customers waiting
  • Ability to provide personal and confidential service
  • Enhanced performance with independent assessment of productivity

To the Customers:

  • Assured of service on a first come first served basis
  • Personal and confidential service
  • Active waiting, customer could be reading while waiting
  • Effective and friendly service from the more productive staff
  • Secure, comfortable and efficient environment
  • Able to select branch with least waiting time